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The following review is mostly for my memories and REBOB's entertainment. Most others will likely find the skipping from topic to topic very irritating:

I saw Interpol last night. For the third time. They were GREAT, of course. Q and Not U opened, and I'm not really a fan of theirs, but they were really good, too. I went by myself, because I do everything by myself lately. Usually something crazy happens whenever I go anywhere, but not this time. Back in February, some girl passed out drunk at the Kings of Convenience show. [Eirik was just like, "Uh... I think this girl needs help... should we call an ambulance?" and asked if she was okay - they had taken her outside - every ten minutes afterward. He never really got an answer.] No such drama last night, unfortunately. So, a few songs into their set, the singer for Q and Not U, who knows what his name is, started talking about 2004 and asked the audience what they hated the most about the year, or why it sucked, or some shit and of course people shouted, "BUSH!" And he goes, "Man, that's so great that you guys say that! That's the first time I've heard that name and smiled!" He mentioned something about a non-profit group and that there were pamphlets and information in the back, for free. But even though I'm vehemently anti-Bush myself, I kind of rolled my eyes at the whole thing. I'm over the bitching. It's obviously not enough for people in this country to be informed, regardless of their party affiliation. Anyway, a similar tirade started in my head after he said that, and kind of put a damper on things because I got myself into a crummy mood. But the set was soon over, and it would shortly be time for Interpol to play! At the last show of theirs I went to, in October 2003, there was over an hour-long period between the second opening band and the time Interpol came on. This time it was much shorter, thankfully. They came out, played, and that was it. They were wonderful but aren't really into audience interaction, so that's all there is to say. After the show, I called my mother and she told me that less than ten minutes after dropped me off, the car broke down and she had spent two hours waiting for AAA with some guy that was also stranded on the opposite side of the road. She said he was a talker, but real nice. [There's a lot more to the story, but I want to end this entry and go to sleep.] So I had to wait almost an hour out in the freezing rain, after spending nearly the same amount of time in Virgin Megastore, where I think I left my fucking GLASSES. I called today and left a message for the manager, hopefully he'll call back soon. If not, heads are gonna roll! [Goodnight.]
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